Here at Hemp Oil Rockstar, we seek out the BEST in CBD products available. We perform hours of research and products testing. We ensure that each product we offer has a Certificate of Analysis that falls within our strict guidelines. Each manufacturer must provide detailed information on each product we stock. Additionally, we require that all of our products be grown in the United States.

Collectively, we've worked with Hemp Oil Extracts and other products for several years. Due to this, we've also learned many ways to ensure that the products we offer are the best for our customers. We don't import hemp oil extracts from Spain or China. We only offer premium hemp oil extracts for our customers which are sourced from farms in the United States. We want our customers to know that North Carolina, Colorado, Kentucky and other hemp States are following stringent growing guidelines and we exact tougher rules on our products. Further, our products are not from Mulit-Level Marketing or similar sales schemes. We stock every product we offer.

Here at Hemp Oil Rockstar, we seek out the BEST in CBD products available.

Mary Lòpez Carter founded Hemp Oil Rockstar in early 2018 after she did copious research into products which would help her husband, David Pratt Carter, beat cancer (he had a malignant intracranial tumor). She discovered the promising impact of CBD on people's health. Soon after finding success with Hemp Oil Rockstar, she secured space at the Streets at Southpoint mall in Durham, NC to establish a more permanent location to help people of the community with better health options.

On October 19, 2018, Mary and her team opened Carolina Hemp Hut in the mall (located near the Microsoft Store). Mary and the team continue to educate consumers with information from scientists, researchers and medical professionals on the benefits of hemp oil extracts.

Mary Lòpez Carter

Nature's Love USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oil Extracts

Our Nature's Love Extracts are 100% USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oil Extracts with full spectrum cannabinoids (including high CBD)

Hemplucid Water Soluble CBD Tinctures

Our Hemplucid Water Soluble with full spectrum cannabinoids (including high CBD) are perfect for mixing with coffee, tea, or just about anything else.

Hemp Adaptives™ Luxury Topicals

We're excited to be one of the first to offer Hemp Adaptive's Premium Hemp Oil Extract products with full spectrum cannabinoids. High CBD and High Luxury.

Nature's Love Hemp Oil Extract Drops

Made from Hemp Oil Extracts. We know that Nature’s Love products have been rigorously tested and are Certified Organic by the USDA.

Nature's Love Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) Drops

Diamond CBD Infused Gummies

Made from Hemp Oil Extracts. Great calming and soothing from very tasty gummies!

Diamond CBD Gummies

Hemplucid CBD Drops

Made from Hemp Oil Extracts. Hemplucid offers one of the best Water-soluble CBD drops anywhere.

Hemplucid Water-Soluble CBD Drops

Funky Farms CBD Extracts

Amazing flavor and flavor combinations from the leading provider of both Full Spectrum and High CBD edibles and tasty tinctures.

Funky Farms CBD Extracts

CBD Products for Pets

Made from Hemp Oil Extracts. CBD for pets should be derived from hemp and not marijuana. CBD pet products are formulated to support general wellness. The endocannabinoid system is located throughout the nervous system; CBD interacts positively with this system to promote a general sense of calm.

Hemp Oil Extract products for Pets

Beauty Products/Lotions

Looking good and Feeling good can go hand in hand. We offer Hemp Oil Extract fortified lotions and salves to bring about solutions only topicals afford.


Sun State Hemp

Sun State Hemp provides high quality Hemp Oil Extract based product at affordable prices.

Sun State Hemp Products

Wicked Mojo Hemp Company

Wicked Mojo Hemp Company provides high quality Hemp Oil Extract edibles, supplements and vaping supplies product at affordable prices.

Wicked Mojo Hemp Company Products

CBD Oil/Hemp Oil Supplements

Supplements for oral administration of CBD/Hemp Oil Phytocannabinoids

CBD/Hemp Oil Supplements

Hold a Hemp House Party with Hemp Oil Rockstar soon!

Hemp Oil Rockstar house parties are NOT part of a multi-level marketing scheme. We aren't looking to recruit for any "Opportunity".

Hemp Oil Rockstar is a small company based in North Carolina and the team is dedicated to helping people.

We can bring the Party to you! Simply let us know when you would like the party, where you are located, and how many people you plan to invite. We'll contact you and get things going. We handle the hard stuff leaving you to relax and enjoy a social event while you get the opportunity to earn great swag and free plus discounted Hemp Oil products.

We're currently booking House Parties in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. More house parties coming soon to a house near you!

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