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Calculating CBD Dosage for Your Pet

Our Personalized Pet CBD Dosing Calculator

Used for quick calculation of CBD dispensing for pets
  • For the most part, you can quickly calculate the CBD dosage for a pet for yourself.
    You can vary the dosing by drops (either higher or lower dosage) on your own.
    Since there's no known "overdose" amount, use care when you actually dose your pets. But, you're safe if you make a miscalculation of a few drops in either direction.

  • What is your pet's weight in lbs? Enter partial as a decimal (for example, 14.4). No need to enter the text "lbs" or "pounds"
  • Enter the strength (in milligrams or mg) of the oil you are dosing. For example, our standard Hemp Oil offerings are 500 (mg). Enter the number (mg is not needed). If you are using a high dose type of oil (such as 1500 mg), then enter the full number (1500) not 1.5 g.
  • The dosage for hemp oil is dependent upon the total milligrams of hemp oil in the bottle along with the strength of the hemp oil. For example, if you use the standard 1 oz. bottle of 500 mg, the drops calculated will match that combination (bottle size and strength).
  • Target Dosing may vary. If the symptoms appear more serious, High Dosing may be needed. If maintenance is needed, Low Dosing is desirable. The Medium Dosing is considered the average dose for most pets of the chosen weight.