Facebook and other Social media sites quietly Shutting down Competition of Big Pharma

Facebook Declares War on the CBD and Hemp Oil Extract Retail World

Facebook Responds to Small Businesses: Go Away

Everyone thought it was a big deal when President Donald Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill. Many small businesses offering natural botanical extract products (in the form of CBD and other cannabinoids) were celebrating the passage of the law which effectively cleared some of the last ambiguities covering the growth, processing and distribution of very low or Zero THC products. However, this celebration was short-lived for many retailers - Hemp Oil Rockstar included.

Facebook screws the little guy to favor Big Pharma and the Drug Industry

Hemp Oil Rockstar's Facebook Page

Hemp Oil Rockstar Gets Kicked Off of Facebook

The Hemp Oil Rockstar Facebook Page didn't even get to celebrate its first birthday when Facebook overlords unceremoniously unpublished the page from the Facebook platform. Hemp Oil Rockstar's Facebook page was removed because it was said to "Promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals..."

"That's absolute hogwash!" Said Mary Lòpez Carter, the founder of Hemp Oil Rockstar and the sister sites and retail store chain, Carolina Hemp Huts. "They're going after the little guy because there's nothing we can do against the action. They have a big sandbox and they don't care who they kick out." The Team at Hemp Oil Rockstar even checked for posts that may have made reference to the prescription drug industry and could find none. A simple post (indicated below) stating the stance of Hemp Oil Rockstar was also ineffective in providing the stay of execution needed..

Hemp Oil Rockstar and Carolina Hemp Huts have been doing wonderfully in recent months from a traffic perspective. Much of this is believed to be attributed to the increase in popularity of the more natural option of Hemp Oil Extract products by people who prefer to use more organic and less synthetic solutions to common maladies. Much like Salicylic acid, which once was considered to be a natural solution to help fight pain as an analgesic (Salicylic acid is a phenolic compound commonly found in plants where it plays a role of plant growth regulator and also as a signal molecule mediating in plant defense against pathogens. Most of the Salicylic  acid came from willow bark and was used to ease pain and reduce fevers. The drug industry, notably Beyer of pre-war Germany, made enormous fortunes by refining the production of the acid to produce Aspirin.

Since the introduction of EPIDIOLEX® (cannabidiol) by Greenwich Biosciences, Inc and the passage of the Farm Bill, Facebook and others (YouTube has been quietly shutting down Pro Industrial Hemp channels) have increased their attack on small "mom and pop" providers of the more natural forms of Hemp Oil Extracts and cannabidiol.

Hemp Oil Rockstar Gets Kicked Off of Facebook

"Even though we know that Facebook is very heavy-handed and has little care for small businesses, we hope they change their mind," said Mary after receiving word from Facebook of the Denied Appeal shortly after filing the original appeal. "It's pretty clear that they're not doing much to thwart the will of the deep pocketed companies."

Lexington attorney Jonathan Miller, who is general counsel for the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, said this has happened over the last six years to several hemp-related businesses on Facebook. And there probably isn’t anything that can be done.

“Where we have seen a consistent issue is on the advertising side, where companies have tried to sell products and been rejected. I’m told marijuana companies have had fewer problems,” Miller said. “We’ve been hoping the passage of the Farm Bill would change that, because now it takes away the underlying argument that it violates the Controlled Substances Act.”

Small businesses such as Hemp Oil Rockstar and Carolina Hemp Hut are very careful not to make medical claims in their print and online media, instead allowing for customers to speak of the benefits. "We will say it may help alleviate discomfort," Mary explained. "We don't use terms like pain, or disease, since the pharmaceutical companies would be all over any statement that included those words. If a customer tells others something like "Hemp Oil Rockstar has CBD oil which helped me feel better and pain free" we'd be happy for our customer. But, these claims are not made by the employees or staff of the small businesses.

Hemp Oil Rockstar Facebook Page gets shut down for telling others about natural supplements

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"We appreciate our enormous fan base. We've been able to help HUNDREDS of people with simple botanical solutions from Hemp Oil extracts. We know that big corporations like Facebook don't slow down when it comes to running over the little guys. This means we have to work harder to have success. People who like good health - naturally - need to take a stand and keep the Federal Government and Big Corporations like Facebook from screwing around with freedom. Otherwise, big companies will make sure cheap health options are no longer available."


Read more about big Pharma's war on natural medicines.

Odd that Facebook attacks the Hemp Oil providers and not the advocates of Marijuana.

News Media Touts the benefits of Hemp Oil Extracts

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