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It’s Hip To Hemp – Carolina Hemp Hut Opens Officially in Orange County

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens and other representatives from the business community gather to celebrate Carolina Hemp Hut's grand opening

News of Orange: It's Hip to be Hemp

The Carolina Hemp Hut Grand Opening for the Hillsborough flagship store means Orange County now has a source for all things hemp.

The recent grand opening celebration was heralded recently in the New of Orange (covering Orange County, NC and Hillsborough, NC).

The event was announced on WHUP and via many social media platforms. The Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce hosted the event.

Mary Carter Supports Buying Local

Mary and David Carter were looking at locations to expand their growing Hemp Hut hempire out of the Mall-based store which was opened in October, 2018. As Realtors in the same market area as their home in Hillsborough, they looked deeply into the demographics and growth projections for the area. Their analysis was coupled with the growth projections for the Industrial Hemp market space. This led to an easy decision for the couple to grow at home in Hillsborough.

The Store lease was signed in early 2019 and the build out began soon after. A few construction delays led to a later than expected preview day on April 20, 2019 (04/20 is a common theme among Hemp enthusiasts). The store opened for business officially on May 1, 2019.

Word quickly spread about the opening with the aid of the oft-controversial signage at the Hemp Hut (a hemp leaf is featured on the sign). Interest in the retail store has grown since the grand opening on May 30, 2019.

"We're seeing week over week growth in the double digits. We're not going to be in the black any time soon - our buildout for the coffee bar and for the store as a whole was more than we'd originally budgeted. We're hopeful that we'll be able further establish a local presence for high quality hemp products coupled with a high level of customer service and education. This alone will help us eventually move into a more positive financial status. We're positive when it comes to our outlook. We know that if we show our customers the absolute best in customer service, keen attention to detail and product education that is second-to-none, we'll build a loyal base which also be a healthier customer base." Mary Carter

Both David and Mary have spent the past two years building on a base of education regarding holistic health and herbal remedies. While they are aware of many non-hemp herbal solutions, they're concentrating on the use of CBD and Hemp as a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals and in some cases, surgeries.

The flagship store of the Carolina Hemp Hut is located at 137 Mayo Street in the Hillsborough Commons Shopping Center in Hillsborough, NC. They're currently open 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) from 10am to 7pm.

Carolina Hemp Hut Celebrates its grand Opening in Hillsborough NC with the Biggest Orange County CBD Shop
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Is CBD Oil a Sin? What’s the Deal with Hemp?

Is Taking CBD a Sin?

Are you Sinning with CBD?

You've heard from friends: "That's the Devil's Weed, you shouldn't take that!" But you know from other friends and family that #CBD has been shown to be helpful in relieving discomfort with many people. Who do you believe?

Also, what is the reason why Hemp (aka Marijuana to some) gets such a bad reputation. Is it really helpful? Is it really a sin?

The Team at Hemp Oil Rockstar loves helping people learn a bit more - the more you know, the better you can make decisions which may affect your health. hosts videos on CBD and Hemp Oil information plus stocks Great Hemp Oil Extract products for shipping all over in the e-commerce site. When you want to "Buy CBD near me" or find the best review on CBD Oil, simply visit Hemp Oil Rockstar or one of the Carolina Hemp Hut locations for great service And products.

A Super Quick review of Hemp’s History – Plus: The Sin of CBD

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You’re Getting Ripped Off when You Buy CBD?

It's a good idea to get a COA with your CBD purchase. This means the industry is policing itself and you should review the COA.

I Certify that this is Honest to Goodness Good for you!

If these are the words coming from the mouth of any vendor of CBD, or pretty much anything else, you should know that it’s likely a good time to keep moving. Most people ignore the fact that CBD is a botanical substance and it affects people in different magnitudes. Also, let’s not forget that some products are inferior to others.

Here’s a quick list of a few things for you to examine when you’re in the market for Hemp Oil Extract, particularly CBD and related Full Spectrum oils:

  1. Get the COA – The Certificate of Analysis is the starting point for reasonable due diligence when it comes to checking out your product. With CBD Oil and other extracts, they’re often blended with MCT, Olive or another carrier oil for dilution and absorption. But, if you’re not able to know just by examining the oil, how potent it is, you may be getting a horrible oil for a horrible price. The COA as in the example shown below, will detail the level THC/CBD/CBG and other terpenes and cannabinoids as requested by the firm presenting the material for testing. In the example below, you see that the company Hemp Adaptives™ has a 2000mg (60ml) jar with considerably more CBD than advertised (it actually tested at 2048..8mg). Plus, THC is just a very minute amount, but;Learn why Hemp Adaptives is so Popular - Value of CBD
  2. Ask friends – We’re aware that some people will buy anything from anybody. But, it’s often a good idea to ask around before buying some things. Yes, even CBD can have people with strong opinions – either way (for or against). Getting input from others IS helpful – even if others are against it. Be aware that learning from others helps you build a starting point for more research. You’ll hear things like “that stuff was a rip off!” or “it worked like a charm for me – I sleep like a baby now.” Use these as a baseline when you do your own homework.
  3. Do the math – Really. Do the math. David took some time in the winter to do a quick video on determining the strength of your CBD oil. Use this as a guide to calculating how strong the CBD oil you’re taking is. You really want to concentrate on keeping Like items with Like items. For example, MCT oil based Full Spectrum drops labelled 500mg with another brand MCT oil based Full Spectrum also labelled 500mg. You’ll find a HUGE disparity in product pricing per milligram in some products. Are they really that high in variation in quality? More homework is needed.

Where to learn a bit more about Strength of your CBD and Hemp Oil

David and I have been working to keep up with research on just about “anything hemp”. This has led us to create a lot of helpful guides for our customers. One of these is a useful guide to quickly determine whether you’re getting a good value for your money with CBD oil and related Full Spectrum oils.

For a limited time, we will be giving away those guides are the grand opening to our newest Store in North Carolina located in Hillsborough. We’ll be announcing the grand opening as we get closer to our big day and the crews get closer to finishing the updating to the shop.

But, you can always refer to earlier videos for a bit of help.

It's a good idea to get a COA with your CBD purchase. This means the industry is policing itself and you should review the COA.
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Do you get “Popcorn lung” from Vaping?

Hemp Oil Rockstar offers Vaping products from Funky Farms CBD, Hemplucid and others

According to WebMD, popcorn lung is "the nickname for bronchiolitis obliterans. That's a condition that damages your lungs' smallest airways and makes you cough and feel short of breath. It's sometimes caused by breathing in a chemical used to flavor microwave popcorn. But other chemicals or lung illnesses can also cause popcorn lung."

The big culprit in popcorn lung is the chemical that gave this condition its nickname is diacetyl. Not as many products these days actually have diacetyl. But, there are some flavored e-juice manufacturers still loading up their tanks with it.

For sake of clarification, the team at Hemp Oil Rockstar has never and won't ever stock items that contain diacetyl.

We're always happy with our Nature's Love products which have Zero PG and Zero VG. The wonderful terpene blends from Funky Farms CBD area also great choices for people who want a large blast of CBD without sacrificing the terpene flavor available from Hemp Oil Extract - plus they're also Zero PG/VG!

If you cruise around our websites, you'll also find a fun vegetable glycerin (VG)/propylene glycol (PG) 50/50 blend in the vape e-juices from Funky Farms CBD as well. No diacetyl at all. We're still cautious with any non hemp ingredients, so we're always keeping up with the information on VG and PG in any vape products we offer. We can assure you we're still concentrating on making sure we not only have effective Hemp Oil extract products in stock - but they're safe.

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I love my Gas Station CBD just like I love Gas Station Sushi!

Did you buy your CBD from a Guy in Dark Glasses and an overcoat?

"I just bought some CBD from the Gas Station!"

I've had a number of good people come to me at the store or at events where I've been a speaker. I get asked TONS of questions. One question I get is "How do I know the CBD oil I buy is good?" Well, I've answered this a number of times in other videos so I hope you're able to see some of my videos on my sites or simply subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get caught up on some super information. But, I wanted to take a moment to address specifically  "Gas Station CBD" which is a topic that has come up as a cousin of the question above.

Maybe you shouldn't trust Gas Station CBD for your health. Maybe you should be wary of Multi Level Marketing companies with CBD like PrimeMyBody and HempWorx

At the various events which I've been invited to speak, I nearly always ensure that there is time for Q&A. I love answering questions about Hemp and it's constituents. I love HELPING people. When I know people are becoming more educated consumers, I also know it helps the industry as a whole.

I do not want people to get ripped off by shady operators. Think about it, there are shady operators all over the place. Whether it's selling cleaning products or door to door steaks or multi level marketed CBD - you're going to find people "in it for the money" and NOT your health.

Did you buy your CBD from a Guy in Dark Glasses and an overcoat?

"Excuse me, do you know what CBD Isolate means?"

Quality CBD and Full Spectrum Products MAY be available at your local gas station. But, are you willing to put your health on the line when it comes to the cashier understanding the quality of the product they are selling? Do they know what an isolate is vs Full Spectrum? Are you getting good value?

Did you buy your CBD from a Guy in Dark Glasses and an overcoat?

It's key to get your CBD products from a vendor who is 1) looking out for you, 2) knows what they are selling, and 3) isn't "out to make a buck" first.

Ask yourself if these things matches YOUR CBD vendor.

Learn More about CBD

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Sometimes, it’s just easier to let others talk about CBD

CBD Is natural not man made, don't let FDA take it over for pharma

Some of the most important benefits of cannabis oil include its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, increase appetite and optimize digestion, reduce pain, prevent certain types of cancers, strengthen heart health and protect the skin.

CBD and Cannabinoids are becoming far more popular as the medical community coupled with skilled researchers are finding more plausible ways to employ cannabinoids to aid human (and animal) health. Although some uses of CBD have still been unproven as far as even cursory effectiveness - other applications of Cannabinoids have shown significant positive impact on health.

From time to time, we uncover third party information on CBD and other components of the hemp oil extracts which we will share with our readers. Please feel free to share this article in social media and in other locations (like email to your friends who don't believe that hemp has any health benefits!).

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Facebook Declares War on the CBD and Hemp Oil Extract Retail World

Facebook and other Social media sites quietly Shutting down Competition of Big Pharma

Facebook Responds to Small Businesses: Go Away

Everyone thought it was a big deal when President Donald Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill. Many small businesses offering natural botanical extract products (in the form of CBD and other cannabinoids) were celebrating the passage of the law which effectively cleared some of the last ambiguities covering the growth, processing and distribution of very low or Zero THC products. However, this celebration was short-lived for many retailers - Hemp Oil Rockstar included.

Facebook screws the little guy to favor Big Pharma and the Drug Industry

Hemp Oil Rockstar's Facebook Page

Hemp Oil Rockstar Gets Kicked Off of Facebook

The Hemp Oil Rockstar Facebook Page didn't even get to celebrate its first birthday when Facebook overlords unceremoniously unpublished the page from the Facebook platform. Hemp Oil Rockstar's Facebook page was removed because it was said to "Promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals..."

"That's absolute hogwash!" Said Mary Lòpez Carter, the founder of Hemp Oil Rockstar and the sister sites and retail store chain, Carolina Hemp Huts. "They're going after the little guy because there's nothing we can do against the action. They have a big sandbox and they don't care who they kick out." The Team at Hemp Oil Rockstar even checked for posts that may have made reference to the prescription drug industry and could find none. A simple post (indicated below) stating the stance of Hemp Oil Rockstar was also ineffective in providing the stay of execution needed..

Hemp Oil Rockstar and Carolina Hemp Huts have been doing wonderfully in recent months from a traffic perspective. Much of this is believed to be attributed to the increase in popularity of the more natural option of Hemp Oil Extract products by people who prefer to use more organic and less synthetic solutions to common maladies. Much like Salicylic acid, which once was considered to be a natural solution to help fight pain as an analgesic (Salicylic acid is a phenolic compound commonly found in plants where it plays a role of plant growth regulator and also as a signal molecule mediating in plant defense against pathogens. Most of the Salicylic  acid came from willow bark and was used to ease pain and reduce fevers. The drug industry, notably Beyer of pre-war Germany, made enormous fortunes by refining the production of the acid to produce Aspirin.

Since the introduction of EPIDIOLEX® (cannabidiol) by Greenwich Biosciences, Inc and the passage of the Farm Bill, Facebook and others (YouTube has been quietly shutting down Pro Industrial Hemp channels) have increased their attack on small "mom and pop" providers of the more natural forms of Hemp Oil Extracts and cannabidiol.

Hemp Oil Rockstar Gets Kicked Off of Facebook

"Even though we know that Facebook is very heavy-handed and has little care for small businesses, we hope they change their mind," said Mary after receiving word from Facebook of the Denied Appeal shortly after filing the original appeal. "It's pretty clear that they're not doing much to thwart the will of the deep pocketed companies."

Lexington attorney Jonathan Miller, who is general counsel for the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, said this has happened over the last six years to several hemp-related businesses on Facebook. And there probably isn’t anything that can be done.

“Where we have seen a consistent issue is on the advertising side, where companies have tried to sell products and been rejected. I’m told marijuana companies have had fewer problems,” Miller said. “We’ve been hoping the passage of the Farm Bill would change that, because now it takes away the underlying argument that it violates the Controlled Substances Act.”

Small businesses such as Hemp Oil Rockstar and Carolina Hemp Hut are very careful not to make medical claims in their print and online media, instead allowing for customers to speak of the benefits. "We will say it may help alleviate discomfort," Mary explained. "We don't use terms like pain, or disease, since the pharmaceutical companies would be all over any statement that included those words. If a customer tells others something like "Hemp Oil Rockstar has CBD oil which helped me feel better and pain free" we'd be happy for our customer. But, these claims are not made by the employees or staff of the small businesses.

Hemp Oil Rockstar Facebook Page gets shut down for telling others about natural supplements

Hemp Oil Rockstar's team could USE YOUR help. Share this Article Today.

You Can Help Right Now

Would you like to help companies like Carolina Hemp Hut and Hemp Oil Rockstar? If the answer is yes, your tasks are simple:

  1. Take a moment to share the LINK from this article (just copy and paste from the URL) with others you know in social media
  2. Use the "sharing" buttons on this article as well
  3. Tell others in social media and email to visit Hemp Oil Rockstar to learn more about hemp oil extracts
  4. Consider warning other CBD and natural product companies to be wary of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"We appreciate our enormous fan base. We've been able to help HUNDREDS of people with simple botanical solutions from Hemp Oil extracts. We know that big corporations like Facebook don't slow down when it comes to running over the little guys. This means we have to work harder to have success. People who like good health - naturally - need to take a stand and keep the Federal Government and Big Corporations like Facebook from screwing around with freedom. Otherwise, big companies will make sure cheap health options are no longer available."


Read more about big Pharma's war on natural medicines.

Odd that Facebook attacks the Hemp Oil providers and not the advocates of Marijuana.

News Media Touts the benefits of Hemp Oil Extracts

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The Beat Goes on: Another of the Same Scam – Beware!

Don't buy from dishonest internet scams. Buy from quality vendors of CBD

ProCanna is not a GOOD Value. NOT AT ALL

I broke down some of the scam-oriented brands in earlier videos. Hemp Oil Extracts can easily get the attention of unsuspecting shoppers because there's a rising interest in Cannabidiol (CBD) and other Hemp Oil Extract products. With the recent passage of the Farm Bill, there is an increase in interest in all things cannabis, especially CBD and related compounds.

At Hemp Oil Rockstar, we scour the internet for products and perform research on many items in hopes of cataloging a nice spectrum of products which may prove to be good choices of consumers. We compare prices, Certificates of Analysis, consumer surveys and more to help assess what products are better than average for consumers of Hemp Oil extract products. In this effort, we often uncover products such as those from less reputable firms.

These firms tend to be 1) Operating out of a UPS Store or PO Box, 2) Not ever in a Bricks and Mortar (real) store, and 3) unable to provide detailed COAs (the analysis) of their products. This often suggests that they may be importing inferior products to sell to the masses in devious ways just to secure a profit. It's a lot like the old "snake oil" salesmen of the past. They're not rolling into town in loaded down wagons and shilling for their nasty oils - they may actually have CBD in them. But, the cost is exorbitant.

In a previous video, I covered a bit about the milligrams of CBD in hemp oil extracts. CBD, being the main cannabinoid, should be prevalent in all of the analysis documents you get with any hemp oil. It should be clear as to the content of CBD and  hopefully other cannabinoids - but this is less likely to see. However, Full or Broad spectrum tends to be the best pair of choices for most consumers from a health perspective. Just to point out a key factor: If you're in transportation or law enforcement or similar, you Don't want a full spectrum as they WILL have trace amounts of THC which may cause you to "pop" in a drug test. This is true even though the legal limit for THC in these CBD products is under .3% of THC.

The video here covers a recent discovery of another from the long list of products produced by the makers of Brighten, Star and many others. This one is called "ProCanna" and they're using a nasty trial technique to separate you from your hard-earned cash. If you have money to burn and don't mind risking the questionable sourcing of their hemp oil extracts, then go for it - you can find them on the internet and NOT in stores (they have no physical stores like Carolina Hemp Huts or other hemp product stores).

Don’t Get CBD-Scammed!

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Do You Really know the STRENGTH of your CBD Oil? (CBD Oil Mini Review)

Certificate of Analysis: CBD Hemp Oil Water Soluble 500mg

Your Bottle reads "500mg", right? What does this mean? Does it mean that the bottle actually contains 500 mg of CBD? Is it just 500 mg of true hemp oil extract combined with MCT Oil? What is that strength of YOUR hemp oil? David Pratt Carter guest presents for Mary Lopez Carter in today's Hemp Day Video.

This video covers three common hemp oil extract products and shows their "hemp oil calculations" based upon their supplement facts found on each of their products.

Many people do not know the strength of the hemp oil extract they are taking. Further, people may not realize the COST PER Milligram of the CBD that they are taking.

It's true that hemp oils all have subtle or wildly different tastes. When you ignore taste and look only at the strength of the hemp oil based upon the amount of CBD and the other "entourage" of cannabinoids, then you're able to get a better baseline comparison of products.

We're not covering Charlotte's Web or Koi in this video but we may in a future video. There are some amazing and effective CBD products on the market so we're not going to bash any products that you may be using. We're covering the strengths of several products and showing the cost per milligram.

You may be familiar with some of the products shown. If you find something uncomfortable about what is said, feel free to comment. For example, one product may be your favorite and you may feel that you're uncomfortable because something may be said which is negative about it. That's fine. Leave your comment.

We're giving each product a fair shake and comparing them based upon the information on their products - no hearsay involved. No rumor. Just product information and other facts.

Be sure to visit Hemp Oil Rockstar's main site at and read more and view other videos.

David Pratt Carter jumps in from time to time to help the team at Hemp Oil Rockstar. He's a co-founder of Ideas Envy LLC, a North Carolina Marketing and Training company. His wife, Mary Lòpez Carter believes strongly in Hemp Oil products and works to keep David taking CBD.

David has also covered "SCAMS" with CBD in two videos: Trial Programs and Brighten/Pure CBD.

Co-Founder of Ideas Envy LLC: David Pratt Carter

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Hemp Day Video: Drug Testing could Get you Fired for CBD, Learn what to do First!

Your HR Department may have something to say about CBD

What Can Your HR Department do?

Let's say you're working for Corporate America. No harm there, unless your organization has a habit of doing drug testing. The typical drug test seeks to discover whether you're taking illegal drugs such as Cocaine, Meth, Marijuana and CBD.

Wait, what?

Not really. CBD or Cannibidiol isn't actively targeted in the drug testing in nearly all test kits available. However, most of us know that THC is the targeted "drug" from Hemp or Marijuana. The people who take the time to understand the biology associated with Hemp understand that CBD is NOT the psychoactive component within the Hemp plant.

It's been shown where THC is beneficial to our health. This article isn't to sing the praises of THC, but I suggest that you search within Google or another search engine for benefits of THC from medical publications (use PubMed in the search string).

Mary Lòpez Carter has been advocating for broader acceptance of CBD in the workplace. Because some CBD products contain THC (legal limit of .3% THC), it's possible some drug tests will "pop" for showing THC in your system. Are you a drug user at this point? Not really. You have part of the overall spectrum of cannabinoids in your system. CBD = Good. THC = Bad. According to the law.

As mentioned before, THC has been shown to be beneficial (visit the reports). But if you have it in your system, you could be in dire straights with your employer if you test positive for it - including when your CBD has a very small amount of THC in it. How can you avoid the trouble of CBD (especially the "full spectrum oils which also include THC in trace amounts)?

Proactive Steps for You to Follow

It's Key to Be Proactive.

  1. Speak with your Medical Professional and Get a Note detailing you're taking CBD Oil.
  2. Inform your HR department (great if done in writing, paper trail) and show the Dr. Note.
  3. Buy trusted CBD Oil that may be full spectrum, but offers below the legal limit of .3% THC

In my video, I mentioned a very exciting product coming soon to Hemp Oil Rockstar. It's a No THC Full Spectrum offering. For those of you who are purists in the terminology, you're likely to argue that "No, this is broad spectrum" and you may be correct from your viewpoint. We're glad that there's technology that allows for the full entourage effect without people worrying over whether they will "pop" in drug tests. Be on the look out soon for our Zero THC products at Hemp Oil Rockstar and Carolina Hemp Huts.