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Live in Florida? Hand over your CBD.

Are you looking to buy CBD in Floriday? Fla law forbids Cannabinoids

Cannabis products, even CBD, are considered illegal still in Florida

Even with the passage of the recent Farm Bill, the Florida State laws prohibit the sale of cannabis products - including CBD which is derived from the Hemp Plant much like old fashioned marijuana. Although CBD products do not provide the psychoactive components in large quantities, State bureaucrats are wont to not bend when it comes to hemp.

Unless citizens of Florida take a stand and make their opinions known clearly, CBD and Hemp Shops throughout the Sunshine State may face the dire situation of being forced to remove their products from store shelves.

Well, CBD is actually LEGAL in Florida. But this all depends on what sources you consider for your legal stance. Nonetheless, if you're in Florida, as in quite a few other States, CBD, which should be legal, is in murky waters. The US Farm Bill made things more of "Legal-ish" for most. Since States' rights are the big factor here, citizens of all states (even those allowing legal access to CBD and other hemp-derived components) should maintain their vigilance and action to support laws which allow for natural items, such as hemp and its components, to be under far less regulation.

What are your thoughts on CBD in your State?

Read More from Fox 13 News in Sarasota


Florida provider of CBD products (Funky Farms CBD) continues support of Farm Bill Compliant products.

Are you looking to buy CBD in Floriday? Fla law forbids Cannabinoids
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We Want to Help You Keep You Pets Healthy too!

Big Dogs thrive on CBD and Hemp Oil Extract from Hemp Oil Rockstar

Pets are Family Too!

Americans love their pets. Across the country, people spend far more on their pets than you may imagine. Pets become part of the family. Doesn't it make sense to take care of ALL of your family members?

CBD and Hemp Oil Extracts (full Spectrum CBD/Hemp Oil) are beneficial to PETS too. Most Hemp Oils for Pets, when properly dosed, can last quite a while - thus making it very cost effective for you to take care of your furry family members with CBD.

We currently carry Dog Tinctures in three different strengths: Small Dog (pets weighing 0 to 9 lbs), Medium Dog (pets weighing 10 to 40 lbs.), and Large Dog (pets over 40 lbs.).


Did you know you can keep your favorite furry friends Healthier with CBD/Hemp Oil Extracts?

CBD earns Toys for Your Pet!

For a LIMITED time, we're shipping a FREE chew toy with EACH order of our Pet specific CBD/Hemp Oil Extract. Your furry family member will enjoy the gift! If you don't wish to have the toy, you can specify at the time of order or simply give the free chew toy to your local pet shelter or SPCA. Offer is available while supplies last.

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Calculating CBD Dosage for Your Pet

Our Personalized Pet CBD Dosing Calculator

Used for quick calculation of CBD dispensing for pets
  • For the most part, you can quickly calculate the CBD dosage for a pet for yourself.
    You can vary the dosing by drops (either higher or lower dosage) on your own.
    Since there's no known "overdose" amount, use care when you actually dose your pets. But, you're safe if you make a miscalculation of a few drops in either direction.

  • What is your pet's weight in lbs? Enter partial as a decimal (for example, 14.4). No need to enter the text "lbs" or "pounds"
  • Enter the strength (in milligrams or mg) of the oil you are dosing. For example, our standard Hemp Oil offerings are 500 (mg). Enter the number (mg is not needed). If you are using a high dose type of oil (such as 1500 mg), then enter the full number (1500) not 1.5 g.
  • The dosage for hemp oil is dependent upon the total milligrams of hemp oil in the bottle along with the strength of the hemp oil. For example, if you use the standard 1 oz. bottle of 500 mg, the drops calculated will match that combination (bottle size and strength).
  • Target Dosing may vary. If the symptoms appear more serious, High Dosing may be needed. If maintenance is needed, Low Dosing is desirable. The Medium Dosing is considered the average dose for most pets of the chosen weight.