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Hemp Day: Do you have Pain from Sciatica?

CBD/Hemp Oil: What is its Impact on Sciatica?

I'm not a doctor. I am not equipped to tell you about the mechanisms and medicine that work with our nervous system. However, I can tell you about the people I've worked with and pass along their stories. Hopefully we will be able to further define cures for many of the problems which plague us.

A variety of lower back problems can lead to pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve. Most often, sciatica pain is caused when the L5 or S1 nerve root in the lower spine is irritated by a herniated disc.
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My friend, Cindy, who plays tennis avidly, commented to me about her back pain and sciatica. I did a lot of homework on the issue and found a wealth of good information for her. I passed along links and references found (look up your own by searching in Google for "sciatica and cbd"). I was happy to provide these references to her. I hoped she would find benefit. I wasn't going to force any product on her - she needed to make an INFORMED decision. This turned out to be exactly as she needed. Listen to the story and use it to help guide your own discovery: Will CBD work for your particular body aches and pains?

I'd love to hear from my readers and viewers. What is going on with your pain? What are you doing to address it?

CBD/Hemp Oil and Sciatica Pain

Your Pets can Use Your Help

I've recently published a handy calculator for CBD dosing for Pets. If you've been following my posts to the blog or my FB posts, then you may have seen information about it. This calculator automatically will calculate approximate dosing for your fur babies. Although it is intended for Dogs and Cats, it may be used for other animals with care. It's always advised that you have a trained veterinary resource guide you on dosing. We are not veterinarians and do not want to be providing official veterinary advice. We're presenting information we've discovered from experts and hope you're able to have the needed conversations with your animal care practitioner.

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Hemp Seeds

1kg bulk Raw Discount Wholesale Organic Canadian Shelled Hemp Seeds (Hearts) by Prana

1kg bulk Raw Discount Wholesale Organic Canadian Shelled Hemp Seeds (Hearts) by Prana

Buy organic Prana raw shelled organic Hemp seeds (also known as hemp hearts). Sprinkle hemp seeds at the end of the cooking process or into your raw meals. Packed with protein and amino acids and other nutritional benefits. Can even be added to your morning cereal! Available in a bulk 1kg format!

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Dosing CBD (Hemp Oil) to Pets – The Best Way

Pets also can take CBD. While it's not shown that you can overdose a pet, it's still not a good idea to give too much to them. Mary discusses the standard dosing for Hemp Oil for your pets.

We will be posting an updated calculator for dosages for CBD to this site shortly.

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Your Pets Can Take Hemp Oil Too!
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Calculating CBD Dosage for Your Pet

Our Personalized Pet CBD Dosing Calculator

Used for quick calculation of CBD dispensing for pets
  • For the most part, you can quickly calculate the CBD dosage for a pet for yourself.
    You can vary the dosing by drops (either higher or lower dosage) on your own.
    Since there's no known "overdose" amount, use care when you actually dose your pets. But, you're safe if you make a miscalculation of a few drops in either direction.

  • What is your pet's weight in lbs? Enter partial as a decimal (for example, 14.4). No need to enter the text "lbs" or "pounds"
  • Enter the strength (in milligrams or mg) of the oil you are dosing. For example, our standard Hemp Oil offerings are 500 (mg). Enter the number (mg is not needed). If you are using a high dose type of oil (such as 1500 mg), then enter the full number (1500) not 1.5 g.
  • The dosage for hemp oil is dependent upon the total milligrams of hemp oil in the bottle along with the strength of the hemp oil. For example, if you use the standard 1 oz. bottle of 500 mg, the drops calculated will match that combination (bottle size and strength).
  • Target Dosing may vary. If the symptoms appear more serious, High Dosing may be needed. If maintenance is needed, Low Dosing is desirable. The Medium Dosing is considered the average dose for most pets of the chosen weight.
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Your Pets with CBD – Helping Humans

We offer Hemp Oil Extract formulas for pets, dogs and cats will appreciate the CBD doses available in tasty treats

If Drug Companies have their way, you can expect a BUNCH of cures for what ails your pets. Also, expect it to be expensive.

Some of the cures are coming in the form of cannabis drugs. You may have read my earlier post on CBD and your pets. It's a proven fact that CBD has been useful for treating many conditions with Fido and Fluffy. Since the placebo effect isn't factored with your pets, improvement in their respective health situations shows us the favorable use of CBD for pets.

Do you have a pet? Has your pet shown signs of ill health? Arthritis, seizures, and other conditions, as with humans, have afflicted dogs, cats and other animals. The cures from our pharmaceutical companies have helped many of our pets. Further research and testing with CBD and other cannabinoids has shown even more promise for pet cures. But at what cost to consumers?

Pharmaceutical companies are likely to package something natural, such as CBD oil extract (a simple cannabinoid extract from the Hemp plant) along with other (proprietary) chemicals to make a more marketable product. Often, the added chemicals to the CBD are unnecessary for the drug to be effective. But the added chemicals make the drug suitable for patent protection - and added revenue for the drug companies. If you "juice" a natural product, you can charge more for it.

It's great that the discoveries of cures for pets have been leading to helping people. Let's be sure that the natural products remain available for pets and people alike.

I'd love for you to

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The Inaugural Hemp Day Video: Frequently Asked Questions answered by Mary Carter

Mary Carter, Hemp Oil Rockstar, Hemp Day 1

The Very First Hemp Day Video!

Mary Carter has begun her education program to assist people in discovering and learning more about Hemp Oil and CBD. You'll get tons of great information from this weekly series from Mary Carter and other experts in Hemp Oil for Health!

Be sure to visit her Facebook discussion page at

The Hemp Oil Rockstar FB page:

Hemp Day Video #1

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Select August Testimonials

Already See Improvements

I have only been using the oil & salve for a couple of days, but I can already see improvements. I have chronic pain due to TMJ issues as well as shoulder & back pain due to a previous injury. After using the oil & salve I can already feel improvements in my pain & inflammation and I am also resting much better & waking up refreshed now that the pain is subsiding & not waking me up at night.

Aug 14, 2018

April S. - Hillsborough, NC

Lynne M. - Hillsborough, NC

CBD Salve and Oil Work!

So, here's my story.

In 2016, due to an accidental fall, I suffered a concussion and whiplash that ended up with me needing brain surgery in Oct 2017. I came thru it ok, but have dealt with neck pain and soreness on a daily basis. I had PT and do stretches daily, but it was still painful to turn or bend my neck in all directions. I used an RX topical cream plus a couple of OTC creams. They helped to a degree, but the RX wasn't covered by insurance and was expensive. 

I am also a caregiver to my hubby which is a very stressful situation, especially, on top of my own physical issues. A friend suggested I try CBD oil as it was helping her. She also recommended her distributor/retailer, Mary Carter, who is very knowledgeable about the different products. I tried the oil first, mainly for my stress. Most recently, I talked with Mary about my neck pain. That's when I found out her hubby had also had brain surgery. They both suggested I try CBD Salve. I really was full of skepticism and figured any pain improvement would be a "placebo effect". After using it several days, I was waking up with NO pain and was able to also turn my neck with no pain. It was an eye opener for me and I have become a total believer. I plan to continue with the salve as needed along with the oil to help with my stress and sleep. I highly recommend CBD.

August 7, 2018

Doing Wonders...

Mary, this hemp oil that I just got from you is amazing , doing wonders for my muscle spasms an my arthritis, thank you !!!

July 16, 2018

Raymond J. - Florida

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Let’s be Friends! Let’s talk Hemp!

Gratitude and CBD Oil

Social Media Followers

One of my fans on Social Media received one of my "Thank You!" cards recently. She was so adorable! She was tickled and shared it in turn on Social Media. I thought this was awesome.

I truly believe in helping others. I go out of my way to discover ways to help people when they come to me. When I do this, more people become part of the family and I do even more for them. The Thank You card is just one of the ways in which I extend my gratitude to people - simply for being good people.

I have a "sign up" form on the home page which gets a lot of traffic because many of my customers communicate with their friends and family about my products and services. Every person who signs up gets more useful information and opportunities to save money as they work to improve their health.

You're bound to benefit from the information and products from Hemp Oil Rockstar. I'd love to send everyone a special note of GRATITUDE.

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CBD Oil for Pets

Cats can take CBD

Your Pets can take CBD

One of my good friends called me late last year. She was panicked because her pet cat, which certainly was a family member, was diagnosed with seizures. The vet was unsure of the best treatment for the feline companion. My pal found out I was offering CBD for friends and family and she gave me a call.

The rest of the story is wonderful. Her cat has been seizure free since I provided her with some CBD oil. There are many CBD oils which you can use for pets - some are better than others. We are affiliated with a number of reputable manufacturers of quality CBD for animals and we'd gladly recommend them.

One of the biggest worries we had initially was "HOW MUCH TO DOSE?" when it came to the various pets. We did some research and found some great articles that contributed more information to our customers. We passed this information along - making many people much happier (see the article link below for the full article).

Future research and experience will give us more information on dosing levels and intervals. Current recommendations for oral dosing of CBD in dogs and cats are 0.02 mg/kg to 0.1 mg/kg given twice daily. According to James Gaynor, DVM, DACVA, DACVPM, of Peak Performance Veterinary Group, for pain management most dogs do well at 0.05 mg/kg twice daily, while cats do well at 0.025 mg/kg twice daily.

Your Pets and CBD Oil

Getting your pet to take CBD Oil

If you pick up some of our affiliates' CBD Oil designed for pets, then you're pretty much guaranteed your pet will be eager to take their dose. This is because most pet-only CBD providers have been using flavorings (like salmon or beef) to make their oils more enticing for cats and dogs. However, you can use regular CBD oil (peppermint or fancy flavors for humans may not be the best choices for pets) when it's time to dose your pets.

After you've performed the basic calculation based upon your pet's size, consider how you will provide that to the pet for them to consume. We've discovered some of the following very useful techniques.

With the following, mix in the CBD oil before giving to the pet:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Bacon fat
  • Butter

The amount of the mixable above really doesn't have to be large. A small amount of peanut butter does wonders for the CBD oil we offer our dogs. Same goes for the rest of the mix-ins. The flavor is more important than the quantity of mix-in.

When I have the CBD oil mixed with one of the above, I simply offer the spoon to the pet and it disappears quickly. Perfect dosing.

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Mary Carter Believes in a Healthy YOU today

Mary Carter wants you to be healthy

Mary Carter Believes in Great Health for YOU!

Mary Carter, Hemp Oil Rockstar, believes in helping YOU with YOUR good health!

Over the years, the legal changes for CBD and Hemp have allowed for people such as David Carter, Mary Carter’s husband, to take CBD. David uses CBD to prevent a recurrence of cancer (he’s had three cancer surgeries). Without the use of CBD, David would have no other option except to wait for the next tumor to grow and have another surgery.

CBD, taken regularly, has been shown to assist people who are prone to cancer.

Would you like to support your immune system?